Rochester's EcoDistrict

Learn about the important work of the High Falls EcoDistrict®.

About the EcoDistrict®

Greentopia has established the FIRST EcoDistrict in New York state here at High Falls – a model for sustainable and resilient neighborhoods.


Our climate is changing. As the trend of people moving back into cities continues, the need for well designed, low emission, and healthy urban spaces will only become more pressing. The EcoDistricts framework takes an interconnected, holistic approach to sustainability. At the core of any EcoDistrict are three guiding principles: Equity, Resilience and Climate Protection.


Are the burdens and benefits of development shared equally? Does everyone have a voice at the decision-making table? Are the needs of our most vulnerable being met?


Can we withstand an environmental or economic disaster? Are we proactively working to mitigate the challenges we know are coming and preparing as best as we can for the unexpected?

Climate Protection.

How do we become carbon neutral as a neighborhood? Are we protecting our ecosystems or rehabilitating where necessary?
Forming an EcoDistrict in High Falls enables us not just to decide what we should do, but how do we make those decisions and reach our goals. We are taking on big, complicated problems. By doing it together, at the neighborhood-scale, we may not be able to simplify the issues, but we can work at a scale that is attainable.
We may not be able to unravel all the issues that contribute to a loss of biodiversity worldwide, but in High Falls we can install pollinator plants and habitats along our riverway trail.
Greentopia is the backbone organization in the creation of the EcoDistrict. We conducted a formation planning study, convene stakeholders, organize initial projects and drive the certification process.

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Neighborhood-Scale Sustainability & Development

The High Falls EcoDistrict is the FIRST EcoDistrict® in New York State. Together, through this cutting edge model for collaborative impact, we will make the High Falls neighborhood an equitable, vibrant, and sustainable district.

Make A Donation

You can make a donation to Greentopia to help fund all the projects of our EcoDistrcit Program.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteering with the EcoDistrict is fun! From planting trees, maintaining the Pollinator Pathway and helping with planning and implementation, your help is needed.

In a few words...

The High Falls EcoDistrict is a neighborhood-scale sustainability and design project. It will create a neighborhood of the future at High Falls which will strive to reach environmental, social justice and other green goals.


 EcoDistrict News from our Blog

Our HydroStation and ROC the Riverway Initiative

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A Visit From Joe Morelle

On September 4th Congressman Joe Morelle came to visit our High Falls viewing dock and take a tour of Hydro Station 4, the first hydroelectric station in Rochester now owned by Greentopia! Congressman Morrell received the full tour of our facilities from Greentopia's...

Lucas Green House Cocktail Party!

This past week Greentopia hosted a cocktail party to thank our Green Visions program partner Lucas Green House. The event took place on our viewing platform with a beautiful view of the high falls gorge. In attendance was the Lucas Green House staff and recently...

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