About Green Visions

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About Green Visions

Green Visions is a workforce development program that helps foster a healthy community in the JOSANA neighborhood of Rochester, NY.

Green Visions is a community-centered program based on a vision for a more vibrant and flourishing Rochester. It is a workforce development program in the City of Rochester’s JOSANA neighborhood. Together with neighbors, we install and cultivate cut flower gardens on once-vacant and decaying lots.

The flowers from these lots are harvested just before peak bloom over the entire summer and early fall, arranged into stunning bouquets and then sold at the East Avenue, Perinton and Penfield Wegmans by the program participants. The profits from sales help to support the costs of the program and give the participants a real sense of running a small business.

The hands-on effort of the participants to improve their community has proven to be a remarkably powerful motivator. Green Visions participants understand that they are making their community a healthier and better place to live and develop great pride in their work.

Community-based workforce development initiatives, such as Green Visions fulfill Rochester’s demand for trained and skilled workers prepared to enter the middle-skill professional field. The program actively combats urban blight, crime, youth unemployment, and poverty. Additionally, our gardens make vacant lots in the JOSANA neighborhood come alive with activity and positive energy. Our program recruits and empowers young and able resident young adults to be the agents of change in their community.

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