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The High Falls EcoDistrict is a model for ambitious sustainability standards with an innovative portfolio of solutions that are grounded in equity, resiliency and climate protection. We continuously balance economic, social and environmental priorities in an effort to address the pressing issues of poverty and inequality.

By revitalizing the area surrounding the Falls, the district becomes an incubator and inspiration for a new narrative of Rochester’s cultural identity. As we center ourselves on the Falls, in the heart of the city, we are reminded of our purpose and the unique ecosystems that serve as inspiration for our urban designs.


To re-engage the High Falls area as a vital place within our city, by reimagining our community and designing a vibrant urban district thereby shaping a future which prioritizes economic, social and environmental equity in Rochester.


  • Neighborhoods and districts are the building blocks of sustainable cities.
  • Everybody – regardless of class, race, age, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation – deserves to live in a healthy, safe, connected and vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Economic opportunity, community well-being, and ecological health are fundamental ingredients for sustainable neighborhoods and cities.
  • Neighborhood sustainability requires a new model for action – rooted in collaboration and greater inclusion – to co-create innovative district-scale projects.
  • Social equity, inclusion, and democracy are essential to sustainable neighborhood development.

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