Reports and Douments

Reports and Documents

Greentopia strives to achieve transparency to the public through the posting of public reports and important documents directly on our website. Greentopia (under its corporate name of Friends of the GardenAerial) is a Silver Member of Guidestar and adheres to the principals of the Guidestar rating system.  Please click on any of the links below to view and/or download any current public reports and documents.

990 Reports

Strategic Plan for 2016-2018

After a year of work and planning, Grentopia is proud to present its Strategic Plan moving forward. Thanks to Susan Piotrowski at Badfish Consulting and also to the Board members who worked tirelessly on creating this plan and this document.

Download a PDF to review and print later.

Commissioned Reports

In 2014, Greentopia commissioned an initial economic impact study to be completed with help from the Center for Governmental Research. This study shows the anticipated economic benefits and impact from the completion and implementation of the GardenAerial project at High Falls.

State Reports

In 2012, Greentopia participated in the formation of the Finger Lakes Sustainability Plan. Starting in 2013, the State of New York has continuously recognized the work of Greentopia as transformative. To date, it has awarded over $840,000 in state grants for projects of Greentopia.

In 2014, the Sustainability Workgroup of the Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council (FLREDC) named GardenAerial’s proposed EcoDistrict planning project a “top priority” transformational project and this project was subsequently awarded $240,000 to begin this important work.

Greentopia’s initiatives also align with the New York State High Falls Heritage Area Urban Cultural Park – one of only 14 such areas in New York State.

City Reports

Greentopia initiatives also align with the City of Rochester’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. Greentopia also succeeded in its efforts to include High Falls in the newly proposed LWRP boundary. Trail and other infrastructure improvements to High Falls, spearheaded by the efforts of Greentopia, will have a positive impact on healthy living, on nearby proposed and existing trails, and on other city amenities.

JOSANA Neighborhood

Now in its 4th year, our Green Visions program engages neighbors and youth in the nearby JOSANA neighborhood in green community projects that clean soil, grow floral cash crops and provide real working skills training and certifications. These efforts bring to life parts of the JOSANA Master Plan and Project Green and have positive impacts on nearby Habitat for Humanity projects.

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