Workforce Development & Training

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Through additional partners, modules, and hands-on, real-world experience, participants also received: small business implementation training and experience running a small business (flower selling), basic horticulture and landscaping training, hand-tool training, social media training, and community outreach experience.

The instructional programs are provided through community partnerships with the City of Rochester, the Housing Council, Charles Settlement House, Advantage Federal Credit Union, DEC, and the EPA. Green Visions educates participants to understand potential environmental threats in their own neighborhoods and equips participants to improve their community. We can’t wait for spring to get started all over again. Stay tuned for updates!

The participants:

  • Complete a part-time, paid work experience and job training program, fifteen hours a week for a total of 22 weeks (longer than many traditional workforce development programs)
  • Receive 10 hours of OSHA construction-based training & certification (provided by the City of Rochester)
  • Receive 8 hours of EPA Lead-Safe Practices training and were designated “Certified Renovators” through this EPA program (provided by the Rochester Housing Council)
  • Graduate from City of Rochester’s Operation Transformation Rochester program
  • Receive Financial Literacy Education
  • Receive Organic Waste Management training from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)