Mission, Vision & Values


Through extraordinary ecological design, stewardship, and community advocacy, we will create resilient public realms.


Together, we will reclaim the power of the Genesee River to connect us to each other and to inspire the creation of a vibrant, flourishing new Rochester.



We believe in the development of resilient communities for long-term sustainability.

Courage & Dedication

We act with courage and dedication to challenge the status quo.


We believe in innovation through deep collaboration and the cross-pollination of ideas.


We respect our diverse communities in defining what do and how we do it.


We respect our past, honor our present and imagine the future.

Our Roadmap to Achieving our Mission, Vision & Values

Greentopia achieves its mission through the many projects and programs it creates, develops and manages. The organization is committed to extraordinary design – not being satisfied with the “do-able”, it strives towards what is possible – and, therefore, what inspires.

Greentopia, through its GardenAerial project, is committed to implementing a green infrastructure initiative that will both preserve and provide increased access and activities for the general public near the Genesee River, the river gorge, and the 96-foot “High Falls” waterfall – all located within the High Falls Heritage Area.

The organization is also committed to including the High Falls Heritage Area into New York State’s first EcoDistrict, creating sustainable community, neighborhood identity and moving this area towards ambitious, neighborhood-scale environmental goals.

Greentopia also created and manages the Green Visions Project, a program in the JOSANA neighborhood dedicated to achieving more sustainable and resilient communities through education, advocacy, and workforce development.

Greentopia will help Rochester reclaim the majesty and power of the Genesee River. In so doing, we believe that we will reconnect communities to each other, forge new alliances, and inspire all of Rochester’s citizens to dare to create a brighter, more sustainable and more resilient future.

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