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Greentopia Releases 14 Short Films for 2016

We believe in the power of film – to tell stories and to move people into action. For 2016, Doug Buckley, our official film-maker, has produced a series of fourteen films, showcasing Greentopia participants from the 2016 program group. These short, well-crafted videos are intimate portraits of the unique challenges and successes of each of our participants.

These films will be released “Netflix” style – with the first seven stories all at once in December 2016 and the final seven in late Spring, 2017. Watch our social media and newsletters for more detailed information about each of these impactful stories!

Green Visions, Green Visions Growing & JOSANA Speaks

Films from 2013, 2014, 2015

We’ve been very fortunate to have Doug Buckley, from Blackbird Son Productions, follow our Green Visions program from the first year of the program in 2013. Year after year, Doug has crafted incredible videos that help tell the story of Green Visions and also help document our progress. We are forever in his debt for this labor of love. Thanks, Doug!

Hand-Made Kari Thompson Videos from 2014

Kari Thompson, 2014 Green Visions participant, wanted to document the progress of the Class of 2014 over the 20-week work period. Trouble was, he didn’t have any equipment.

We scrounged around in the office and found an old iPhone that was still working. We gave it to Kari. What happened next was amazing.

Kari created, on his own, 3 short videos showcasing different aspects of Green Visions. He taught himself to how to use that old iphone, and how to edit the footage in film editing software! After the Green Visions program, Kari subsequently attended Monroe Community College and is now working. Here are his three short films!

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