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Transforming our greatest asset


GardenAerial is a transformational project, with the power to reposition Rochester as a world-class tourism destination and to create an attractive magnet to those seeking to live, work and play in downtown Rochester.

The Greentopia GardenAerial project is a 21st-century greenway and park – including  new infrastructure, top-class amenities, and unique destinations – which will be constructed around the rim of the High Falls Gorge in downtown Rochester.

GardenAerial will become the living, breathing heart of our city, where energy, ecology, industry, technology, and healthy living come together in one sustainable blueprint for our future. And, in an endeavor like no other in New York State, GardenAerial will become the capital centerpiece of the High Falls EcoDistrict — New York State’s FIRST EcoDistrict.


Got 5 Minutes?

Click on the video link below to watch a 5-minute short film describing the GardenAerial in detail. We hope once you see the film, you’ll become inspired to join in our effort! Film by: Don Casper, Epic10 Productions

Power an Inspiring Future.

The High Falls power Rochester. It started with the mills at the turn of the century, evolving to hydroelectric, and now, once again it is ready to power the future of our city. Now it draws a different kind of electricity, creative energy. The High Falls district is home to a growing number of tech and creative professionals, artists, and thinkers. The next generation of our city will grow from this spot. You can help it thrive.

Start up our city

Make no mistake, this is more than a beautification effort. It is more than a symbol of eco-friendly living. It is a necessity to ensure our city thrives by attracting innovative businesses, creative minds, and by establishing a more sustainable path forward for our entire community. It takes more than strong backs to build a city, it takes strong minds, brave hearts, and new ideas that can only come from a place that inspires and connects to the new generation.

Michael Philipson, Co-Founder Greentopia, is the GardenAerial Project Manager. He may be reached at 585-287-5560, Ext. 22 or at for more information.

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