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The Fruit Belt Project is collaboration between Greentopia® and DUNWOODE Consulting to create a series of large-scale vibrantly colored community driven public artworks, as a strategy to provide socially engaged art to transform a neighborhood that has been overtaken by blight and disinvestment.

Greetopia’s mission “to create resilient public realms by means of: ecological design, stewardship, and community advocacy”, guides the Fruit Belt Project.

The Fruit Belt Project is a beautification movement, and is driven to transform extreme neglect in the JOSANA neighborhood; in the Northwest quadrant of Rochester through: resident engaged art, creative place making, urban design, and economic stimulus.

Project Goals:

  • To give the neighborhood a unified identity
  • To inspire hope and optimism throughout the community
  • To create jobs for local residents
  • To bring beauty to historic neighborhood
  • To generate positive attention for the neighborhood often highlighted for negative reasons
  • To improve local business viability
  • To inspire long term investment and additional resources for the community

The Fruit Belt Project will paint key corridors in the areas store fronts, residencies, businesses, and abandoned properties.

Painting of the neighborhood structures with bold patterns and stripes of color will be a visual intervention and departing view from the currently named area of “ghost town”.

Visually, the murals will bring coherence and a colorful design to the Jay and Grape Street section of JOSANA and together create an exceptional work of contemporary art that will be a destination in and of itself.

The fruit named streets are the bases for the fruit-inspired color palette of the Fruit Belt project, unifying the dilapidated passages and symbolically “banding together urban design and community spirit into a unified neighborhood experience – and new identity: The Fruit Belt.

The Fruit Belt project model shows and affective and efficient way to catalyze change, build social capital, and create hope with an artistic product that is more than aesthetic. This project, within its newly forged connections, creates a unique motivation for social change that will combat the seemingly overwhelming “other” factors in the community.

Greentopia® and DUNWOODE Consulting believe the effect will be as ambitious, bright, and colorful as the murals and neighbors themselves.

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